Change your attitude, change your altitude


When I was in college I studied psychology. Out of all the famous psychologist we studied I really liked Beck! He practiced CBT which is cognitive behavioral therapy.

I do believe that if you change your way of thinking, your behaviors can and will eventually change. This leads back to my first post, it starts with your attitude.

Here’s a situation: Sally has an essay presentation to do for a scholarship. Sally is a good writer every paper she gets a B+ or better. Unfortunately, Sally doesn’t apply because she has anxiety about competing with others for the scholarship.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe it’s a job promotion, a Grant approval, legal or medical request, etc.. We all have been there. What I suggest is exploring CBT therapy. But let’s say going to a therapist isn’t your “thing”, do the good ole pro’s vs. cons.
CBT will ask Sally to bring realistic and positive cognitive thoughts. We could come to place where Sally believes she does deserve a chance to win the scholarship and should give herself a chance. Sally, if not confident in her essay draft can go to her favorite English professor or writing center for some feedback. Also, even if she is not chosen it does not reflect on her writing or her character.

Pro’s- being chosen for the scholarship.
Feeling great for herself and accomplishments.
Helps financially with school, so less student loan debt.

Con’s- missing out on possibly being chosen for the scholarship.
Having to take out student loans.
Feeling regrets which could lead to more anxiety.

People aren’t born with high self esteem it is something that is developed. Over time, it does improve as long as you are willing to have more positive attitudes/thoughts and a less negative approach.


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