Who influences you?

We are not going through life alone. Even those who may keep their circle small, are still connected or influenced by someone other than themselves.

If you plan to become successful, you have to think of those you surround yourself with or bounce ideas off of. Think of the expression “birds of a feather flock together” or “you are the company you keep”.

Think of 5 people that you speak to the most every day……..


Got them? Those 5 people have an influence in your life the most. Are you happy with your choices? If your answer is No to some or all, I suggest you begin to associate yourself with individuals who can have a positive impact or who share similar life goals.

Challenge yourself to think about your goals and how your associates have an impact on you? Do you settle? Are you at a stand still? Have you placed your goals on the back burner? Think about it



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