Brighten your mood!

When you are feeling down and out what do you do to make yourself feel better?

For myself, laughing is the instant cure! It comes very easy with having a husband who makes me laugh every chance he gets but what if no one was available? What else could possibly put you in better spirits?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Listen to music. Particularly music that makes you want to move or can calm your nerves. Try to stay away from sad love songs or emo songs that could make you feel even more down in the dumps.

2. Watch a funny movie. Like I stated earlier laughing does the trick for myself and possibly for you. The silly roles of the actors just might take your mind away from reality for a bit.

3. Spiritual/meditation. Some people turn to a higher being of whom they believe in and some may need to just clear their mind in a quiet space(home or even a yoga class).

There are plenty of more ways to get yourself out of the “funk” but above all, keep your head up! Remember things can and will get better.

Later guys

4 thoughts on “Brighten your mood!

  1. I agree with listening to music. I love to listen to music that makes me think and dance. As you already know I am the dancer. lol. I really needed to read this because I have been feeling down lately and I have tried all of these strategies. Mainly number 3. Praying more seems to make me feel better.


    • Yes! She told me the same as well! It’s something that we all overlook at times but I just thought if throw that quick reminder out there 😁
      Thank you!


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