Who is the driver of Your Life?

When it comes to your destiny, are you the driver, passenger or sitting in the back seat?

Many of us allow others to take control of our wheel and are often dissatisfied with the outcome.
Do you plan to live like this forever? I’m sure you can’t possibly be happy.

There are toxic people that we encounter on a daily basis that have too much control over our lives. In return we are depressed, have low self esteem, or settle for poor relationships.

Take control back!
You owe it to yourself, reclaim your seat behind the wheel of your life journey.

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4 thoughts on “Who is the driver of Your Life?

  1. I agree with this fully! Even if someone is making you very happy, I think to myself…let me acknowledge that this person makes me happy instead of giving them all the credit for changing how I feel. I am in control of that. Yes they contribute, but if they leave does my happy leave too? No, I am happy with them and they strengthen my positivity.
    “Take control back!”


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