Love doesn’t fail, people do

I find it interesting when I hear people say “I don’t want to date people anymore or I’m done with relationships because Love has failed me”.

Everyone has their own definition of the word Love. To many, it’s an emotion, it’s a feeling you feel with your mind, body and soul. We share different forms of love with our families, friends, pets, possessions etc.. but when it comes to intimate relationships, that is the only time that I hear “love don’t love me”.

When your significant other does something that you feel is a form of betrayal, of course you will be hurt, you Will feel pain and that’s because of that person not Love. People lie, steal, cheat and kill and LOVE should not be the blame.

I know for many who are currently going through heart ache from a break up, it may be difficult to believe this right now but please know that you WILL be ok. With time, doing things to better yourself and meeting new positive people, you can and Will love again. Love hasn’t failed you beloved, a person who didn’t deserve you did.

Nikki Rob., MA

2 thoughts on “Love doesn’t fail, people do

  1. Everyone would love to believe as fast as you chastise another for what they have done and made it “clear” you did forgive them you and really didn’t. Everyone makes mistaks some bigger then others. Once you say with your mouth I forgive you all the wrong is “suppose” to be done. Just Becasue you forgive does not mean you have to forget. Forgiveness and letting go can lead you down the path of healing and peace.

    D.Killingbeck I Am My Sista’s Keeper Foundation


    • Yes yes!!!! Exactly! Is it something easy to do? Of course not. However, with patience you can reconcile. Also, do not forget because even though sometimes we need certain experiences we don’t need the lesson more than once!


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