The little things

One of my bestfriends came in town to visit my son and I. It was very delightful to spend the day with her. All we did was talk, grab a delicious meal and walked the mall. It may seem like no big deal but it’s the little moments like this that mean so much to me. 

 I feel like we get so consumed with all of the stressors and chaos in life that something as intimate as a telephone conversation or enjoying quality time gets taken for granted. 
We have to do better for our own sanity. It’s only one life and it is short, so try to make each day count! 

-Nicole Cherise 

Weekend vibes

I had such a great weekend with hubby and I’s family! Great people, great food and great vibes!  

I loved this photo I took on our road trip! God’s painting 🎨🎨 

How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend? 

Something has to give 


Isn’t this the truth?! Today is one of those days where I find myself sadden by some circumstances that I’m dealing with. The good news is that I do have faith and it keeps me grounded. Im also thankful for my family and friends who help bring happiness to my life. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed or like your back is against the wall?

What does success mean to you?

We often talk out being rich and successful yet many of us haven’t scratched the surface to what that requires. I too, can admit that I want to be successful and do what my heart desires like many. The question becomes, “why aren’t you living your successful life like the next up and coming person?” The answer: Committment. I was listening to a video by Ms. Marshawn Evans of and she made perfect sense. 

Think about the things in life for you that are going great… More than likely it’s something we all are committed to doing. Now think about that one aspect of your life that isn’t how you expect it should be, it’s very possible that it may be something you are not committed to and fear is apart of that void. 

I have so many ideas and I know in my heart and soul what I’m meant to do but the fear of failing always creeps onto my shoulder. However, you know the difference between us and those who are entrepreneurs? Having the fear and then stepping out on faith. When you give it your all aka “Committment”, you are nervous of the outcome but you also realize you can never give up and that’s when you take that leap! 

We are all made for greatness and we will get there. What’s your passion? Or what would make you successful?

What have you done for you lately?

We do so much for others and are asked by others “what have you done for me lately?”  Well what about, ” what have you done for you lately?”  Have you treated yourself to anything? Have you done something that can benefit you?

If the answers are no, I highly suggest that you take the time to make time for you. Rather it be going to the salon/barber, reading a new book, trying out that new spin class or even investing in a business, you need to do it! Life is too short and the last thing you want to do is have resentment towards others or have regrets. 

Nicole Cherise

5 reasons to put your marriage before your kids

A must read!!! I agree

Motherhood, uncensored.

She said WHAT? Yes, you heard correct. Spouse before children. I know, they’re adorable little creatures, and it’s been jammed in our heads from the time we found out we were pregnant, “it’s not about you anymore, it’s all about that baby!” Well, in a sense, this is true. Because I honestly don’t love waking up to a screaming baby at 3 am. But, someone has got to do it, right? Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t have boobs, so, that person, is me. YAY!

However, it is so important that between the softball practice, schoolwork, sibling rivalry and the like, to never put your marriage on the back burner. I’m guilty, I’ve been there. Waking up one day like, what the hell have we been doing? Sure, we love our children to the moon and back, and they’re cute as heck! But, we’ve learned to prioritize our marriage, before them. Now…

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My Faith and Support System…saved me

Many who know me, are aware that I battle Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I was diagnosed at the age of 24, a few months before my 25th birthday. The journey hasn’t always been great however, if it wasn’t for my faith and support system, I don’t know how or where I would be. 

I made a choice that giving up wasn’t an option, especially when I have people who need me.  Regardless of how unpredictable MS may be, I know that God is with me as well. 

So, I’m constantly hearing “you don’t look sick” or “I would never know” and it’s because I continue to smile. I’ve adapted the ability to pretend in public that all is well even when it’s not. However, God, my husband, parents extended family and close friends have seen me at my worst. None of them turned their backs on me when I needed it the most, especially now that I’m a mother.  Words can never truly express how much they mean to me therefore I can’t give up. Giving up is NOT an option. Thank you God, thank you all, you saved me. 

To anyone who may be battling something rather it be health issues, mental health or just emotions, feel free to contact me.

Nicole Cherise