Motivational Monday’s: be Brave

At some point in our lives we will hit that brick wall. We may feel like there are no corners to turn or no way to climb ourselves out. This feeling may be due to illness, death, relationship issues, financial burdens, jobs etc.. Things don’t just go away however, be brave enough to buckle your boot straps and to face your problem head on. Will things be easy? Of course not but it won’t break you. We are stronger than we think. Please believe a shift will come your way, stay strong. 

Nicole Cherise

I’ll be back next week

hey all!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve  blogged. Truth is after the unexpected passing of my father, I’ve really been down. However, this experience is another thing that is making me stronger and has truly opened my eyes to plenty. 

Starting next week I will get back to my blogging schedule. I missed you guys!!! Thank you for following, sharing and for understanding.

Nicole Cherise

I’m here

The flesh can be confused by the spirit. As I mourn the sudden death of my father, I know he lives eternally in peace. The flesh of me, hurts really bad and is trying to understand why? In my faith, I know earth is temporary and we will meet again. 

I will be back to having post regularly soon. I miss writing. I love you guys

-Nicole Cherise

A time of need

ive been away for a while because of the loss of my late father. My heart is broken however, I know over time, his love will place the pieces back together again. The following is a tribute I wrote the day after he passed away and I read it his “celebration of life” service.  Thank you for being patient while I’ve been away grieving.

Job well done Daddy

Words can’t express the amount of love I have for you. You are a true gentleman, caring, loving and Hard working. I’m truly blessed to have a father like you. You made sure that Jermaine, mommy and I were taken care of we never had to “want” for anything. You helped many from family, friends and even strangers. Job well done Daddy
Anyone who knew Billy Davenport, knows he was a jokester. He joked and joked and joked. Every day at work at least one person told me: your dad pulled a prank on me, or your dad was messing with me then once I looked at him and said Daddy is that true? he would straightened up and say “huh? not me”. That’s just the type of man he was, he wanted people to be happy and laugh. Job well done daddy. 
People also knew he was a man of faith. Deacon Davenport will always be known for his humble services at church as well as in the Hempstead community. Job well done daddy. 
As husband and father. He has been an amazing husband and life partner for 44 years. He treated our mother like the queen that she is. He gave me the example of what I needed and found in my husband Stephen. He supported Jermaine and I and raised us to the best of his ability. He wished he was perfect but to us he was the perfect father for us. We turned out pretty good if you ask me. Job well done daddy.
You are a great grandpa. Every Time we spoke it was always how’s my son? I’d say Jermaine? He’d say no the baby! Daddy, Stephen Jr loved your presence and I see you in him every day. He laughed and giggled with you and rarely cried. He is truly your little buddy. I promise that He will know just how much he meant to you as he grows older. Job well done daddy. 
I close by saying thank you for the calls, texts, kind words of sympathy and experiences you had with daddy. I’m happy that you were able to get glimpse of what our family got to experience every moment and every day shared with him. 

Daddy I love you. Thank you for showing me love and how to love. I’m proud to stand here as your daughter. You are forever in my heart and I will miss you until we meet again. Job well done Daddy.

Thank you