dear mommas 


Dear Mommas,
On behalf of your children who are adults and/or have become parents ourselves… Thank you. 
We didn’t realize as a child how much you loved us but we do now. At times when you were sick or extremely tired, you still managed to do everything without a question. There are times when you need a break from us but can’t because we need your support to carry out our lives and unfortunately we were to ignorant to say thank you. 
We didn’t realize that your complaining and nagging was to teach us to do better than the mistakes you made. We didn’t realize just how worried we made you when we did things we had no business doing. We also didn’t realize how mean we could be when we said hurtful things and how you may have cried about it behind closed doors. 
It’s now that as an adult, now as a parent, we KNOW just how much you Love us.
So, mommas who feel unappreciated, or that your good deeds are done in vain, please don’t. A lot of us knucklehead kids just take a bit longer to realize it. We love you, we thank you.
Nicole Cherise

2 comments on “dear mommas ”

  1. So true. You don’t know until you become a parent/ grown up the things that you want threw. I find myself saying the same things to my. Children my mom said to me.,

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