Where is the love Wednesdays: Marriage and the big day

Hello all!

This past weekend has been a great one! My DH and I witnessed two weddings of our friends. I always enjoyed attending weddings because I feel it’s sacred, it’s one of the times that you have the honor of seeing the love shared by the couple. It also brings brings great memories of my big day. I am a person who believes in love and I felt with it is “where is the love Wednesdays “, I could speak on marriage and the big day. 
The Big Day
I remember re-writing my wedding vows over so that I wouldn’t stumble over my words when I read them. As I was writing my hands were shaking and tears filled in my eyes. I couldn’t believe after a 20 months of being engaged, the day finally came. From the moment I meant my husband down the isle, it seemed like time stood still. As we exchanged our personal vows, it was so surreal. Once we were pronounced husband and wife, it seems like the day flew by! I tell all my friends who are engaged or newly weds that the day goes by so enjoy every moment. 
Life after your wedding
Marriage is beautiful. You and your spouse are now immediate family. In the event if anything ever happens to you, your spouse is the next of kin. Many may not understand how important that is but your spouse comes first and should. You have to remain best friends, honest, intimate, understanding, playful and last but not least, date forever. I recommend dating forever because as time goes on its very easy to fall into a “routine” and get stuck in a rut. Therefore, continue to have date night, spend quality time together and go on “new adventures” together.  
So to the new couples: many blessings to your marriage and enjoy each other! For the veteran couples: Keep it fun and never forget why you decided to make this big step in your lives. To the engaged and committed couples, love is the root for the union, start now to have those accomplished roots. Remember make Love not War. 
Nicole Cherise

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