Where is the love Wednesdays: downers

Hey all! Something that I’ve noticed, is a person telling others a new adventure they want to do and people automatically throw their negative experiences into the equation. Now, it’s one thing if a person asked for feedback or for other’s opinion, but if that’s not the case, why do people feel the need to do that?
If someone is excited about their dream that they are pursuing, I say encourage before criticize. Let your friend, family member or associate know that you happy for their choice for growth/exploring first. If and only if they ask for your feedback, it’s ok to do so. I don’t recommend lying, but be honest and assure them that you wish them well. No one wants a “downer” in their corner and you don’t want to be that person labeled as a “downer” either. 
Has anyone ever experienced this? If so, did you change your mind about your adventure? Or did you feel the person(s) was being a downer and/or jealous? Let’s hear it!
Nicole Cherise

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