Motivational Monday’s: positive thoughts


Many ask, “Nik with all that is going on in your life, how is it easy to put a smile on your face? Or for you to remain positive?” I want to say that I am no different from any of you. I have things that I struggle with that I leave to God in prayer, I get sad, mad and want to go off on people like anyone else lol. What I realized is during my studies of psychology, I always believed in CBT (cognitive behavior therapy). I believe that if we replaced our negative thoughts with positive ones, our behaviors could change for the better. Let’s face it, people gravitate to those like them or those that they want to learn from. No one truly wants to associate with people who are constantly performing or thinking negatively. I’m able to smile because I realize that crying over things I can’t change just makes my eyes red and puffy. I smile because regardless of the hardships of life, I do have support, I’m not alone. I truly believe if you start to give yourself daily aspirations, you will feel better from within. So, maybe a personal goal can be to replace your doubts with a positive fact about yourself. I hope this helps friends!

Nicole Cherise

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