Motivational Monday’s: try to make someone smile


Hello beautiful people!

When I saw this post on Pinterest, it made so much sense to me especially after recent events. On yesterday, a friend invited us to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers vs Philadelphia Eagles football game. I was over the moon happy because the Bucs are my husband and I favorite NFL team! Not only was the game a success but my husband, bestfriend, her fiancé and myself were able to laugh and smile. 

I was so thankful to be surrounded by wonderful people. Even though there are storms in our lives right now, a little sunshine did peek through on yesterday. All I could think to myself is how others may need someone to make them smile. 

If you are able, try doing something that could put a smile on someone’s face. Possibly a good day greeting, treating a stranger to coffee, perhaps just a hello with a smile might do the trick. You never know what your kind gesture could do to someone’s life, you might make a difference. 

Nicole Cherise

No one else like you


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Unfortunately it wasn’t because I traveled it was because we received a new angel, my God daughter Amiyah. Her tragedy has been spreading through the news since 11/8 which was the day she passed after being attacked by a pitbull. She was 9 years old and had a bright future. I loved her like she was my own daughter and I often referred to her as my first baby. 

I’ve always been one to say that life is so precious and this year, I have been reminded of that many times. When my father suddenly passed in August, my heart was crushed. Everything happened so fast and I didn’t get to say good bye to him. With my Goddaughter, she truly faught as long as she could and the family and I, all were at the hospital praying hard.  Her passing hit like a ton of bricks and I felt horrible for my bestfriend, be that there was nothing I could do. She was an angel here on Earth and I know with my faith and beliefs, she has her wings.

I titled this post “no one else like you” because for our loved ones who have transitioned from earth and ourselves we must remember that. In my heart there will never be a man like my father and of course there will never be a little girl like Amiyah neither. You, reading this post, no one else could be you. People come close, may even favor, have our mannerisms but never will be us. From the strands of hair on our heads and down to our finger prints, we are special and unique. 

Think long about that… And to quote Amiyah in one of her last written assignments, “be you”.

Thank you,

Nicole Cherise

Feel good Friday’s: don’t step on someone when they are already down

Hey all! Happy Friday! I hope you have a great start to your weekend and feel good! 

Speaking of feeling good, if it’s one thing that bothers me the most is when someone is feeling down and people make them feel worse. If someone is clearly not feeling well or is having a bad day, why not do something to bring a smile to their face? You would be surprised what a smile can do someone’s day/mood. You could possibly help someone who might have considered taking their life, you never know. 

Has this happen to you before? Have you felt down and yet others tried to keep you there? Has anyone ever brightened up someone’s day? What did you do for them?

Let me know in the comments 😊

Nicole Cherise

Where is the love Wednesdays: marriage you give 100%

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! 

I saw this post on someone’s fb page last night and I felt it was so true. There used to be saying that “we should be 50/50 or meet me half way”. I don’t agree with that especially in a marriage. In a marriage, you should meet your spouse the whole way and give it your 100%. I could almost guarantee that if you half do anything in a marriage or don’t give it your all, it will come to a messy end. 

Think about it. Do you want to be honest 50% of the time? Should you and your spouse love each other 75% of the time? Should your spouse only be faithful 25% of the time? Of course the answers are no. So, do your best and give it 100 and nothing less.
I don’t want to exclude other committed couples. If you are engaged or living together, giving 100% is important too. So start now if you haven’t already! Lol
What are your thoughts? 
Nicole Cherise

Motivational Monday’s : goal getter 

Hey beautiful people! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. So everyone has heard the phrase “go getter” but what about a “goal getter”? Something that we all need to do is set goals and do our best to meet them. I also know that when it comes to goals, we often think, short term and long term goals. I think daily and weekly goals can work too. Let’s say you have a fitness goal of losing 10 lbs, a weekly goal could be to drink more water and less soda. 
To be a Goal Getter:

  1. See your vision
  2. Put it down on paper or on a board
  3. Try every day to get closer to your goal

I truly believe that by doing those little things can help you achieve weekly goals. 

Nicole Cherise