Where is the love Wednesdays: marriage you give 100%

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! 

I saw this post on someone’s fb page last night and I felt it was so true. There used to be saying that “we should be 50/50 or meet me half way”. I don’t agree with that especially in a marriage. In a marriage, you should meet your spouse the whole way and give it your 100%. I could almost guarantee that if you half do anything in a marriage or don’t give it your all, it will come to a messy end. 

Think about it. Do you want to be honest 50% of the time? Should you and your spouse love each other 75% of the time? Should your spouse only be faithful 25% of the time? Of course the answers are no. So, do your best and give it 100 and nothing less.
I don’t want to exclude other committed couples. If you are engaged or living together, giving 100% is important too. So start now if you haven’t already! Lol
What are your thoughts? 
Nicole Cherise

2 thoughts on “Where is the love Wednesdays: marriage you give 100%

  1. Hello. I agree with this post 100%! I have been living with my partner for over five years and in all we do, neither of us feels one does more than the other. When I feel overwhelmed, stressed, sad, anxious, bothered, annoyed, happy or even sexual he senses it without me saying a word. Believe me this was not always the case but we have grown and matured because of our imperfections. We love so hard that we do not know how to give less than 100%. We have our faults but knowing each day is another opportunity to make “us” better and stronger lets love lead.

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    • Hi!!! Thanks so much for your feedback! That’s how it should be. As time goes on, life can feel more complete when you Know your partner is holding it down with you and for you 100%!


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