Motivational Monday’s: try to make someone smile


Hello beautiful people!

When I saw this post on Pinterest, it made so much sense to me especially after recent events. On yesterday, a friend invited us to the Tampa Bay Buccanneers vs Philadelphia Eagles football game. I was over the moon happy because the Bucs are my husband and I favorite NFL team! Not only was the game a success but my husband, bestfriend, her fiancé and myself were able to laugh and smile. 

I was so thankful to be surrounded by wonderful people. Even though there are storms in our lives right now, a little sunshine did peek through on yesterday. All I could think to myself is how others may need someone to make them smile. 

If you are able, try doing something that could put a smile on someone’s face. Possibly a good day greeting, treating a stranger to coffee, perhaps just a hello with a smile might do the trick. You never know what your kind gesture could do to someone’s life, you might make a difference. 

Nicole Cherise

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