This fight, isn’t for nothing. Our struggles and hardship isn’t in vain. Our blessings are coming and in fact, we need to appreciate what we are already blessed with. Hang in there beautiful people, you can make it through the storm. 

Nicole Cherise

My thoughts on the The Wiz and wanting to be Whole

Hi everyone!I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, but please know that I do miss writing and I appreciate your support. I just felt I needed more time to gather myself mentally, until now. After watching “The Wiz” musical, I felt the need to give my thoughts. 
Regardless if you grew up watching the Wizard of Oz or the Wiz, we all know the story. The story of Dorothy, who wanted more out of life and after the storm, she ended up in a different world called Oz. She met many people along the way and went through many obstacles before returning home. Her friends in the journey were a scarecrow who needed a brain; a tin man who needed a heart; and a lion who needed courage. As many times that I’ve seen the movies and even was a performer in the play, it just dawned on me that this too can represent a person’s journey to becoming whole. 
Many of us at times, are not happy with ourselves or our lives. So, we try to find ways to become a “new” us, to be whole. To fill a void of what we believe is missing. During the journey, we need the right “mindset” (brain) to keep focus or what we yearn to be. We need to have the passion (heart) or the motivation for what completes us because it’s worth it. Lastly, we need to be brave (courage) enough to face any challenge that comes our way. 
Like in the story, there are many detours and distractions that come, but if we follow our goal to wholeness (yellow brick road), we can and we will succeed. 
I believe in you, but like Glinda says “believe in yourself”. Peace be with you all! Good night. 
Nicole Cherise