Feel good Friday’s 

Hi all!

This is my view from our room in Nassau Bahamas. I must say that it is absolutely beautiful. Things in my life have been such a roller coaster and I’m so happy to share some time alone with Stephen. It’s times like this when you realize that you do have to regroup and recharge yourself mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The peacefulness of the waters offers that alone. 
Enjoy your Friday everyone and Feel Good!
Nicole Cherise 

Where is the love Wednesday?: holding hands

Holding hands, we all did it at some point in our life. Rather, it’s as a child; holding your parents hand so that you wouldn’t get lost or while crossing the street. We hold hands during times of prayer and saying grace in some family customs. Hands are also held between lovers.

When I think about holding hands, it’s an intimate exchange with my husband, I feel support from him and most importantly safe. I love holding his hand. 
Do you hold hands with your significant other?
Nicole Cherise

Gentlemen, Gentlewomen

Do you allow yourself to show your vulnerable side? Speak softly and listen attentively? Are you courteous? Are you Sincere? 
I used to think that it was only men that needed to be gentle, however the older I get, I realize that “life” does make some of us ladies Rough too. Us women can offer some of those qualities to a deserving mate. 

So I propose the the question, gentlemen, gentlewomen, is this you and can it be you? 🤔

-Nicole Cherise


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