Gentlemen, Gentlewomen

Do you allow yourself to show your vulnerable side? Speak softly and listen attentively? Are you courteous? Are you Sincere? 
I used to think that it was only men that needed to be gentle, however the older I get, I realize that “life” does make some of us ladies Rough too. Us women can offer some of those qualities to a deserving mate. 

So I propose the the question, gentlemen, gentlewomen, is this you and can it be you? 🤔

-Nicole Cherise


Fb: Nicole Cherise

2 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Gentlewomen

  1. This is definitely me. But for a while I couldn’t find the middle ground. I was either hard as nails or an emotional wreck. I am now working on when and where to be soft and when and where to be tough!!


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