Motivational Monday’s 

Hi friends, 

If it’s one thing I know from experience is that “Can’t” brings excuses and fear. I would create a tape in my head and it would replay why I would fail at certain tasks. However, there became a point where I had to take the dive and just do it.  

I like this quote from Pinterest because it IS a good daily affirmation. As a Psychology major, I’ve learned the importance of how your thoughts are crucial to your well being. So with doing daily affirmations, you are motivating yourself and setting the tone to your week ahead. 

I know life is tough, but you are tougher. I hope this helps someone today. 

-Nicole Cherise 

I’ve been feeling it

Hey guys!

I ask that you forgive me because I’ve been all over the place with my emotions and so I haven’t been writing as much. However, I have been sharing my videos on this blog and I hope you get to see them on YouTube (Svrbrownsuga) or on my Nicole Cherise fb page. 
I consider myself a person who is empathetic. I know I wear my heart on my sleeve, you can see the hurt and pain in my eyes and my face, yep that’s me. These past few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about my Daddy in particular. As a person with older parents, I’ve always said that I was sad deep down because my parents weren’t as young as my friend’s parents and the chances of them passing when I was young was a high percentage (in my head as a child). I also was very blessed as well because they provided me with so much and have the example of how I want to support my son. My mothers birthday was February 17th, and this is the first without him. At work, I still imagine seeing him come visit me, running into him in the hallway or him calling me to say hey you want a cup of tea? It will be 7 months soon, but it feels like an eternity. 
Then I have a friend from high school who gave birth to a beautiful son in December. He was born with CHD(congenital heart defect) and is a true warrior. Even though it’s been years since I’ve seen her, my heart aches for her and her husband. During the time when I had Jr, we were in the comfort of our home bonding, yet they have been so supportive of the hospital with him as he fights every day. I ask that you all Pray for Baby Bryce (I love that name) who needs a new heart. There is a fb page in case you would like to follow his journey and spread awareness:
Then, while spending time with my best friend Mayra, I’ve felt the pain of my Goddaughter missing while I am visiting. Mayra is so strong and is truly doing her best. I’m doing my best to be strong for her as well, but I’m saddened by the hurt behind her smile and what I see in her eyes. She’s strong for her son, my Godson. I love her. 

So friends, these are few of the reasons why I’ve been in a funk lately. I told my husband earlier this week that I wasn’t in a good place and he told me to “do what it takes to get there”. Hmm, he sounds like me lol! He also told me to start with counting my blessings. I completely agree with him and that’s the best advice he could have given me. When I counted my blessings, I started to feel better. 
Please be patient with me, I’ll get back to myself at some point. Thanks for supporting me!

M.M.–Your “why” should be bigger than you

Hey all! 

While having a discussion with my DH (darling husband) about sports, we spoke about players having less of an ego when it comes to being on a team and I completely agree!
Please don’t misunderstand, I know we all have pride in our art or our passion in life, but I believe your “why” should be bigger than you. We all have reasons to “why” we want to be a “success” and that’s what motivates us. However, we can lose track and start to become bigger than ourselves, especially when you are placed on a pedestal by people. 
My “why” is my family and support for people. When I write in this blog, post videos, listen to others/give feedback, it’s not for me to gain glory. I do this because I want for people to know they are not alone in their battles because I’m battling right next to you. Even with my struggles, my family is my priority and it’s because of them that I don’t give up on my dreams or lose hope. I also want more for my family. A better me equals a better person, a better relationship with God, a better wife, a better mother, which trickles down to a decent child growing up in this big corrupted world. It’s a chain reaction and I want a positive one to re-chain. I do not aim to be on a pedestal, I aim to inspire and show love that someone may not be getting in life. 
What is your “why”? Have you sat down and really thought of that? Let me know!

The Eyes don’t lie

This is a phrase that I’ve always said and live by. We encounter plenty of people every day and many, when you ask “how are you?” They can give a brief smile and say I’m fine. I too, am one of these people. I smile briefly and say I’m fine but deep down, I could be sad or in a lot of pain. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do consider myself a positive person and I try to find good in many situations but I do get in a rut of a mood, I just choose to not be there for long. See, what I’ve learned in life is that we all have challenges. Even the people who are wealthy, they have to constantly worry if love is tainted or they are always on the go with barely time for family and friends. 

The eyes are the windows to the soul. They show when we are sad, angry or even weak from illness. So when someone does Know you, they can take one look at you and tell that something isn’t right. It’s ok friends to have these moments, but just try not to stay there. You can get in a hole, but you don’t have to remain in there.