Where is the love Wednesdays :why you shouldn’t give up on love because of failed relationships 

Hi Friends!
This seems to be a topic amongst people 30+ who aren’t married, single parents or recent unfortunate break ups. It truly breaks my heart when I hear people say these things, especially when they have so much to offer. After going through a break up or if you are currently in a “dead-in” relationship, that doesn’t mean that no one would want you or you are doomed to be single forever. It simply means that you and the ex are not a good pair. He or she is Not the person you should continue to put in the hard work for especially if they aren’t working hard or decided to call it quits.
During a break up, I encourage others to do some soul searching and to reevaluate themselves. Look back at things that went wrong. Do you see how certain situations could have been prevented? Can you own up to Your part of why things went sour? Have you learned more about yourself after the storm has calmed? In a relationship, you are not set to be changed or to change the person you are with and to “create” the perfect person. You are meant to have growth and to inspire one another. If you constantly try to force them to be something they are not and vice versa, you are already headed for disaster. Next time go for who Exactly you want. 
So the “love of your life” doesn’t love you anymore and now you feel unlovable. Please don’t feel that way. You are able to love and receive it, just be careful who you allow to come in your most vulnerable place. You said that you have a child and who is going to want you? A person possibly with the same dynamic or someone who Will love you and your child(s). A child is a blessing, and someone with a genuine heart can see first hand how you can love someone else other than yourself. They will truly appreciate you and respect you for being a great parent and could also accept the hold as their own. Lastly, age… Since when is it ok to put a deadline on love? That’s possibly one of Your issues you need to battle. Our generation wants things so quickly and for what? The title? The status? I don’t know, but like anything else, it comes with dedication and hard work. So what if you are 30+ and still single, have you thought to yourself, what a wife or husband should be and if you are all around ready? People love the idea of marriage because of the “dream” wedding, but the substance that comes after is key. If you are selfish in many different aspects of life, I’m sorry, but that can’t fly in a marriage. Therefore, while we focus on age, we really should focus on the maturity that’s needed for marriage.
If any of these things apply to you, I pray that my words can bring some relief. I’m here if you need me.
Nicole Cherise

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