Holding on to anger doesn’t help 

When taking the moment to evaluate things, I end up sad which eventually turns into Anger. I know that can be shocking to some. I am a happy person and I do like to see the “brighter” side to situations, however, there are times when I just say WTH??? 
I consider myself to have a relationship with God and I know worrying is like a slap to the face. Imagine if you have shown someone reasons why they should trust you because you are loyal and you love them, yet they still aren’t sure? Yeah, because I know better I need to do better. All the anger does is add stress which sends you closer to your grave. 
So what I’m about to do is go workout since I do have some time on my hands and let go of this frustration. We all seasons that last a bit longer than others and for this season, I have to remain strong and overcome these burdens. 
Thanks for reading friends.
Nicole Cherise 

2 thoughts on “Holding on to anger doesn’t help 

  1. You can definitely do this! God knows that you love Him and that your worrying is not meant to be disrespectful or a slap in the face. If anything, its showing Him that you still need Him…that there is still room for Him to perform more miracles in your life… and that your relationship has not stopped growing yet. God pays attention to your sincere efforts and outreach to Him…its not a race. So while you workout today (or whatever you’re choosing to do to relieve stress today – because I’m a day late), talk to Him about how you feel. That’s what He wants from you when you worry – the conversation – not for you to ignore how you feel. ❤ you!

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