Where is the Love Wednesdays: Family Matters

Hi friends. Happy hump day 🙂

Today started extremely rough as I was not feeling well however, my mother stopped by and helped with my son. Hubby and I are very thankful for our family and it made me think of the importance of family. 

We all know the saying: “you can’t pick your family”. This is true and we can all admit that we have some family members that could irk our nerves from time to time or some members aren’t close with others. However, when it comes down to it, family can be all that you have. We don’t always have to get along 100% of the time but the love and blood is never broken. 
We all have different dynamics but do you feel family is important? Let me know your thoughts. 
Nicole Cherise 

2 thoughts on “Where is the Love Wednesdays: Family Matters

  1. I’m not close to my family…I feel an extreme disconnect and their presence in my life has become fading over the years. I don’t even have a desire to strengthen those relationships. I don’t know when it became this way, because I used to have a bond with many of them. I don’t know if family is important…I don’t feel anymore that family = genuine love and intentions. It sucks to say that because I know there are people who do have that – like how you say that the love and blood is never broken. I’ve seen more instances where the family title just gives easier access to manipulate and use someone. 😦

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