Feel good Fridays: cherish life

Hi friends, happy Friday to you. 

What’s been on my mind lately, has been life and how many don’t value it. As you all know, this year has been difficult for me with losing my Daddy and Goddaughter. However, with this week alone two more people that I know lost their lives due to violence. A family member from my mother in law’s side of the family, and one of closest friends lost a man who was near and dear to her heart. 
Murders… Those who commit those crimes have no respect for the value of life. Many times the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time and other times a life is gone due to petty drama. It scares me watching on the news when these things happen to people and it really knocks on your door when it involves people you know.
I cherish life, especially my own. I don’t know the complete journey that the Lord has set for me, however, I will do my best live accordingly meaning; no road rage while driving, no getting into arguments with strangers over useless things, and I will just walk away. Friend, we truly do not know others motives and what could set them off. 
So if you or a loved one has some anger issues aka is a hot head, tell yourself or them to re-think it. Find other ways to solve your frustrations. Life is too short as we know so please cherish it, if not for you, then for your family. 
Thanks for reading!
PS- sorry for the typo in my last post. The Word should have been Wednesday.
Nicole Cherise

Where is the Love Wedmesdays: I’m choosing team “Me”

Hi friends, I hope all is well.

In my thoughts today, I was thinking how often many, give or do for others, but a lot of times those same acts aren’t given back. It can be hurtful and make you feel like no one loves or cares. That’s not necessarily true. I do believe it’s in our make as human to live for survival. We will do all it takes to accomplish and get what we need and unfortunately that could mean using others. I say for those who are sick and tired of feeling this way, choose “you”. 
 I’m choosing Me because if I’m not good to myself, I will continue to feel stepped on. I’m choosing Me because when it’s all about me, I will always do my best to not disappoint myself. I choose Me because I will do what I WANT when I want. This one is a doozy for some because they will want you to do for them, but as soon as you say NO it’s a problem or it’s assumed something is wrong. 
Life is extremely short and why live with regrets because you didn’t take the time to take up for yourself? You can have what your heart desires, go out there and get it and not worry what others say or if they don’t approve. Self care is NOT being selfish. 
I hope this helps someone. Hang in there, but do more for yourself even if you don’t have the support from those that should. Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise

Motivational Mondays: life’s truths

Hi friends! Hope you had a good weekend!

You see this quote above? It’s the truth and a fact of life. For some of us, things that we want can come easy and to others it seems like the struggle is unbearable. I say to you that anything worth having is worth the struggle, the blood, sweat and tears. Hang in there!! Keep going!!

Thanks for reading 😁

Nicole Cherise 

Hold on

  I know it’s not easy but please do. There has been times when I find myself so overwhelmed with being frustrated about finances, health issues, and the loss of my Father and Goddaughter. Even though life will never be the same, I know this part of the journey may be gearing me up for something deeper than little ole me. 

I’m not going to give up and I’m asking for you all not to as well. When it gets to hard pray/meditate, seek support from family and friends.. And if that doesn’t help, hit me up! I will be that unbiased listening ear or eyes. You are not alone friends, hold on. 
Nicole Cherise 

Feel good Fridays: leaving a legacy 

Hi friends! Happy Friday!

As we all know, the music icon, Prince suddenly passed away. He was loved by many and had many fans worldwide. It made me think, “it’s not about living forever, it’s creating a legacy that will last forever. 

As I think about my late father and late Goddaughter, every encounter with others, they always reference great things about both. It made think, when it is my time, what can other’s say about me? Or what seeds would I plant that can continue to grow? I, too, may not ever get famous, but I want my life to serve the purpose of helping others. I want to live a life as an example for my son and future children. That’s my “why” as I spoke about in this previous post. 

What about your friends? Do you find yourself wanting to leave behind a legacy? 

Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend!

Nicole Cherise

Where is the Love Wednesdays: What’s Money have to do with it?

Hi friends! The question today is… Is money a deal breaker? 

Many people won’t date anyone who is not “equally yoked” as them financially and people also have issues with gender salaries (who should make more or not being with someone if they made less).
I heard on the radio today, a woman complained about her hustler boyfriend not having the same finances once they moved to a different state. She works in Corporate America and would encourage him to do better, while she took care of all the bills. She felt that he had become lazy and unmotivated. However, when they did live in a different state, she was happy because he financially took care of her. I often hear cases like this often. Couples who are truly in love can break up due to finances. I understand it’s not easy to “switch places” in this day and age, however, those times will come and it truly tests the strength of your relationship. 

Are you truly built to be a ride or die? When you are married, that’s a part of the “traditional” vows, for richer or poorer. A lot of people complain about their significant other, but who really takes the time to set goals and plans to help them? I suggest doing those things. Help your partner with their resume, inform them on career seminars, help with networking, etc. I also believe you should be encouraging. Yes, it may be frustrating, but your partner is frustrated too. Anyone who has had a decrease in salary or is out of work will feel defeated and like a failure. This is the time that your support and encouragement is needed. 

I hope this helps anyone that is going through this. Have you all ever been in this situation? Did you break up with the person or stuck around during the hard times? Let me know 😊

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise

I’ll post as I feel

Hi friends,

Just wanted you to know that I plan to post more during the week. Possibly more than once a day. However, please continue to be in tuned with Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts 😊. Let us pray that I can keep up lol

Thank you for your support!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

Motivational Mondays: Accomplish your goals

Hi friends! I hope you had a good weekend! I was able to spend time with some girlfriends and enjoyed church service yesterday 😊

I want to share something with you all. Since, 2014 I began writing my MS story. I would constantly say, “I need to hurry and finish my draft” and of course I didn’t. So fast forward to the present, I expanded my writing with each chapter but never quite “finished” it. Therefore, this past March, I told Steve that I would be done with the book by the end of April. Friends, I held on to my word. Yes I finished my first draft to my story! I feel so good and like one weight was lifted off my shoulders. 

Have you ever put your mind to something, set a goal and then accomplished it? It’s an awesome feeling isn’t? I encourage us all to do this more. Life is about taking chances and having that feeling of joy when we claim victory. My suggestion is to jot down some ideas or goals and set a REALISTIC deadline. I guarantee you will feel great and motivated to do more. I hope this can help someone and please feel free to share this with someone who may feel stuck in a rut. Trust me, those days don’t last forever, especially when you put your mind to something.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Nicole Cherise 

Feel good Friday (late): How others can inspire you to be a Success!

Hi friends! I’m so sorry for the late post. Yesterday, I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to write about and it was busy with work and baby boy having a little cold. However, after a good conversation with hubby last night, it will prompt today’s post. 

As you all know I have very strong views on circle of friends and their effect in our lives. I am a person who loves to hear success stories and I’m genuinely proud of my friends when they are winning. I have the attitude that if one wins, we all win. One of my friends, Arianne, started her own business called DayCare Rescue, LLC and had her first major contract with a client. You can find out more here: Daycare Rescue, LLC                                    I’m so happy for her and it truly inspired me. 

Friends, we have so much potential and a lot of times it does take that extra push to achieve it. When you have successful friends, you will want to feel good about yourself and be a success as well. Think about a time in your life where someone in your inner circle accomplished something great and then not too long after, the same happened to you. Didn’t you feel good? Truth is, no one wants to be that loser friend, so the motivation is real lol. 

Take the time that’s needed to invest in yourself, your goals and dreams. Take that leap and don’t worry about the naysayers. Just remember your “why” and you will be fine! I hope you all follow your dreams and passions in life. I also want to wish you a great weekend!
Nicole Cherise