Feel good Fridays: what puts you in a good mood?


Hi friends!! Happy Friday to you!

I love journals and I got this spiritual one from tj maxx for 4 bucks!  
Not only did the price make me smile but the inside of each page had bible verses. I find scripture to be comforting especially when I need that reminder that I’m not alone. 

Little things like this makes me smile along with many other things. It brightens my spirit and mood. What is something that puts you in a good mood?

Nicole Cherise 

4 comments on “Feel good Fridays: what puts you in a good mood?”

    1. I understand that we all have difference circumstances that sometimes it’s only family that can do the trick. I know people who don’t love anything else but cooking and food. So it’s like if that’s your happy place then I say indulge. To truly find the happy place, it’s something we have to find within ourselves.

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