Motivations Monday’s: stay true to yourself 

Hi friends! Happy Monday to you!

If there is anything that I’ve learned in life, it’s the importance of staying true to yourself regardless of your circumstance. We are uniquely made so there is no need to conform to other’s standards. 
When you are true to self it allows you to check yourself every now and then. For example, I know the person I am and when I do things that aren’t right, I can look in the mirror and say “get it together Nik”. A lot of issues that people have is that they put on this mask amongst others and don’t know how to take it off. The good news is, if you have real friends, they will call you out on it. 
Another reason to stay true to yourself is for your dignity. We live in a “dog eat dog” world and people are too often turning the other cheek. People will take a paycheck to “look the other way” which is usually something negative. Nothing is wrong with speaking up when something is wrong or if you don’t agree. Be assertive and stand your ground. You do have a voice and it can be heard. 
What are your thoughts? Is it hard this day in age to stay true to self? Or do you think it’s easier now? Let me know 😊
Nicole Cherise 

3 thoughts on “Motivations Monday’s: stay true to yourself 

  1. Mannnnn I have been dealing with this topic all week. I finally gave dating another try after this long break, and the guy I was seeing told me that “I’m great, just not great for him.” When I found out the reasons why I wasn’t great for him, it made me want to hide those truths about me from the next person. I can’t say that I’ve completely “seen the light” although I know whats true…just having a hard time accepting repeated rejection for the same “issue” I have. I told a close friend of mine that I just wanted to pretend like the issue wasn’t there – and he encouraged me to just BE ME (as you are doing now lol).

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