Where is the Love Wednesdays: What’s Money have to do with it?

Hi friends! The question today is… Is money a deal breaker? 

Many people won’t date anyone who is not “equally yoked” as them financially and people also have issues with gender salaries (who should make more or not being with someone if they made less).
I heard on the radio today, a woman complained about her hustler boyfriend not having the same finances once they moved to a different state. She works in Corporate America and would encourage him to do better, while she took care of all the bills. She felt that he had become lazy and unmotivated. However, when they did live in a different state, she was happy because he financially took care of her. I often hear cases like this often. Couples who are truly in love can break up due to finances. I understand it’s not easy to “switch places” in this day and age, however, those times will come and it truly tests the strength of your relationship. 

Are you truly built to be a ride or die? When you are married, that’s a part of the “traditional” vows, for richer or poorer. A lot of people complain about their significant other, but who really takes the time to set goals and plans to help them? I suggest doing those things. Help your partner with their resume, inform them on career seminars, help with networking, etc. I also believe you should be encouraging. Yes, it may be frustrating, but your partner is frustrated too. Anyone who has had a decrease in salary or is out of work will feel defeated and like a failure. This is the time that your support and encouragement is needed. 

I hope this helps anyone that is going through this. Have you all ever been in this situation? Did you break up with the person or stuck around during the hard times? Let me know 😊

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise

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