Where is the Love Wedmesdays: I’m choosing team “Me”

Hi friends, I hope all is well.

In my thoughts today, I was thinking how often many, give or do for others, but a lot of times those same acts aren’t given back. It can be hurtful and make you feel like no one loves or cares. That’s not necessarily true. I do believe it’s in our make as human to live for survival. We will do all it takes to accomplish and get what we need and unfortunately that could mean using others. I say for those who are sick and tired of feeling this way, choose “you”. 
 I’m choosing Me because if I’m not good to myself, I will continue to feel stepped on. I’m choosing Me because when it’s all about me, I will always do my best to not disappoint myself. I choose Me because I will do what I WANT when I want. This one is a doozy for some because they will want you to do for them, but as soon as you say NO it’s a problem or it’s assumed something is wrong. 
Life is extremely short and why live with regrets because you didn’t take the time to take up for yourself? You can have what your heart desires, go out there and get it and not worry what others say or if they don’t approve. Self care is NOT being selfish. 
I hope this helps someone. Hang in there, but do more for yourself even if you don’t have the support from those that should. Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise


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