Breaking bad

Where is the love Wednesdays:

When in a relationship, we should aim to not make the same mistakes over and over. The truth is, we have a past and possibly got away with many tricks and antics with others, but at some point you have to break those old bad habits. Your significant other can see the potential in you, but won’t stick around for repeated disrespect. As adults, we know that if you do the same thing over and over it is not a mistake it’s a habit. You have to question yourself, “how would I feel if this happened to me?”. 
Breaking bad those habits that may cause a strain on your relationship. Break the bad attitude towards your partner. Break the chains that’s stopping reconciliation. Most importantly, break the vicious cycle of habitual lying, abuse, cheating, etc. Claim victory in your relationship and victory within yourself. 
Thank you for reading friends
Nicole Cherise

Count it!

That’s what I do my best to remember, to be grateful. So many of us are silver spoon fed and we have all that we ask for. Some believe that they are entitled to get everything that they want. News flash! You are Blessed to have all that you do because it didn’t have to be you. Keep that in mind the next time you are upset that you missed out on that fashion sale or when the restaurant messes up your order. Count your blessings friends!

Nicole Cherise 😊

Feel good Fridays: when your prayers have been answered

Hi friends! Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend to you all!

I know everyone may not be religious or share the same beliefs, however all has been in this position. We can agree that when you have been so patient and your desires come to reality, it’s an amazing feeling.

I’m telling you friends, do not give up on your dreams. Continue to hold on to your faith and your dreams because it will work out. Everything will play out according to plan. In the meantime, hold your head up!

Thanks for reading!😁

Nicole Cherise 

W.i.t.l.w: break ups can be great

Hi friends! Good day to you!

So, we all have been there, the break up. Sometimes it seems like it comes out of nowhere and for others it was a long time coming. Some of us I’m sure have had many break up to make up fiascos and boy the making up phase is awesome. However, I want you to know that the break up can be awesome as well because you can get back to what’s important, YOU.
That toxic dude or gal has left your atmosphere and it’s time to move on. Even if you feel nervous of the thought of being single, it’s ok that’s normal. What if we change that nervousness into self love awareness? I suggest to take the time to reflect on this past break up. Jot down all the things that went wrong on BOTH  ends. When you can see the mistakes that were made, you then can know what you won’t do in the future and what you won’t tolerate. 
I know it’s not easy because now you have to alter your thoughts or change your system of responsibilities but you will be fine! Do you feel break ups can be good? When you did let go of the baggage, did you feel lighter?
Thanks for reading! 😁
Nicole Cherise 

M.M: encouraging your loved ones to pursue their dreams, encourages you as well

Hi all! I hope you all had a good weekend. I want to Congratulate all the graduates! I’m so proud of the seniors graduating high school and higher education graduates. As many were giving congrats wishes to them, I paid attention to the people who made the decision to enter programs as well.

When your family and friends follow their dreams, it has an impact on you because you want to have that sense of pride that you accomplished your goals. That doesn’t have to mean attending college because college isn’t for all (academically and financially), but it’s taking the steps to do more with yourself. 
I tip my hat off to you all, I’m so happy! We are getting closer to our dreams and achieving our goals. Hold on and keep going!
Nicole Cherise 

F.F: each morning…

I feel blessed.

I’m blessed to open my eyes and see my husband and son. With all the challenges that I deal with, the love for my family, always puts a smile on my face. 

I hope there is something or someone in your life, that no matter what is going on, you can smile. My family is my back bone, the extra strength that I endure at times when I really need it. They accept me flaws and all. 

What about you? Who or what makes you feel good?

W.i.t.l.w: you accept me flaws and all

Hi friends! I hope you are all enjoying your week so far. I was having a conversation with a dear friend and we spoke about flaws. Have you all truly accepted your partner flaws and all? Do you believe they accept all of your flaws?

All relationships take time and should blossom naturally. We are constantly learning ourselves and each other constantly. Even couples that have been together for years, are continually growing together. In my opinion, while growing together we have to keep in mind that our partners are not perfect people but in our eyes perfect for us. I believe it really does take a while to truly master this type of acceptance. We have this ideal mate in our minds and when our partners are “flawed”, we tend to push them to get closer to that image. Keep in mind friends, you fell in love with for a reason and as they are. Problems will arise if we continue to pick at every flaw about them. 
The only options we have to accept them. Accept their strengths and areas where they aren’t the strongest. We need to be supportive because ultimately, we want the same back. 
Enjoy your week!
Nicole Cherise