Where is the Love wednesdays: Do we make up excuses for our partners when it comes to serious commitment?

Hi all! Happy hump day lol

I caught a little cold from baby boy and while I was off it gave me time to daydream and go into deep thought about life. What came to mind was: do we make excuses when our partners are not interested in serious commitment?

Time and time I hear or read about people who want a serious relationship and their partner isn’t “ready”. I end up hearing, ” there is no rush”, “I don’t need to be proposed to” or “I know who his/her heart belongs to”. Do we truly believe this or are we making up excuses? 

If you know that deep down you want to court and eventually marry nothing is wrong with voicing that. If your partner isn’t ready and isn’t even thinking long term with you, why make excuses for them? No marriage is not for all but a commitment can be. You all know that life is short and there are more fish in the sea. Don’t feel guilty for moving on if you two are in different places in life. Yes, he or she may be a great person, but that doesn’t equal a great match for you. 

What are your thoughts? Have you been here before? Have you had to look back and say to yourself that you were making excuses for your partner?

Thanks for reading friends!
Nicole Cherise

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