Family and friends don’t forgive so be mindful of who you tell your bizz.

Hi friends! Happy where is the love Wednesdays!

If there is one thing I’ve learned while being with Steve for almost 16 years is that, relationships will have it’s up and downs and who you share personal stories with is crucial. 
I do believe you can vent to someone that you can confide in, to give you that listening ear and some insight. However, if you are constantly complaining about all the wrongs your SO is doing, trust me no one wants to hear about the “good” things happening. Is it fair? No, but that’s the way it is. Your family and friends will always remember the wrongs and won’t forgive like you would. Plus, we say a lot of things out of anger and frustration, so those family members/friends will be furious as well. 
Do you share all the scoop in your relationship? If so, have you had the issues of friends or family not forgiving?
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise❤️

Don’t ask me to apologize 

You want me to feel bad for being me. You want me to feel bad that I grew up in a two-parent household. You can’t understand how I had a great relationship with my Daddy. You want me to feel bad that I didn’t “want” for anything. You’re mad because I grew up in a house. I’m suppose to feel bad for finding My soul mate. You hate that I’m happy in my marriage. I’m judged for waiting to have a baby. You want to see me fail as a mother. You are mad that I have wonderful friends that are family. Some of family don’t even want to be my family. I won’t apologize.

I’m suppose to apologize for wanting more. You want me to feel bad because I have a master’s degree and I DO YEARN for MORE. You want me to feel bad because I’m Proud to be a Black Woman. I’m Happy with cocoa cocoa complexion, I’m happy for my thick kinky hair, I’m happy for my curves, my mental awareness and I won’t apologize. 
I will NOT apologize for my blessings. 

Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever.
Nicole Cherise❤️

Successful Gossip can motivate you

Good morning, happy motivational Monday!

We all know that Gossip isn’t necessary. We have our own lives to live and who has the time to care about other’s drama. What about successful gossip?

We went to school with a range of individuals and after 10+ years we say “where are they now?”. When I hear through the “grapevine“, that one of my former classmates are traveling the world, taking on big business adventures, own beautiful homes, I can’t help but to get excited. I get excited knowing that if they can be blessed with those accomplishments, that my blessings will come as well. 

Friends, there is no need to get jealous or envious when you hear “successful gossip”, let it be your motivation. Be at peace knowing that your time is coming.

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise❤️

Feel good Friday’s 

Horrible rain was suppose to come in our area but it’s been sunshine. 

Isn’t that how life is? Sometimes we are headed for disaster but instead the outcome was remarkable. Therefore, I give thanks no matter the situation. 

Have you ever been in situations where you just knew, things wouldn’t work out but they did? 

Hang in there friends, relief is on the way.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

Would you do what it takes if….

Where is the love Wednesday!
To piggy back off of my M.M post (when the odds are against you), if your relationship was in jeopardy, would you do what it takes to save it?

Many people love to say: “I’m the ride or die for my man or woman” but what if you reached a point in your relationship of no return? Meaning something horrible happened such as the loss of a job, infidelity, an incurable illness, etc.? And it caused major friction in your relationship, do you think you would do whatever it takes to keep your relationship strong? 

As an aspiring therapist, I’m big on therapy or group therapy. The issue with that is that for many people, they were taught to be “strong”, not to be vulnerable to others (especially strangers), or that therapy is only for the crazies. All these things are not true and are merely just excuses we give ourselves when we are in denial to get help. 
If you are willing to do whatever it takes to get things right, you HAVE to be HONEST. With any hardship in a relationship, the reconciliation process requires it. The honesty, good or bad, can be the beginning of the healing process of trusting your partner again. 
Be Realistic. It. Takes. Time. Patience is a virtue but also a major key to what it takes. If trust is broken, you have to let life run its course. If your partner has ultimatums that are NEEDED you better (yes, I said better) do what is asked or you can kiss the relationship goodbye. Now, if the relationship is worthless to you, abiding by the requests isn’t necessary and you can walk away. There is no need to go through the motions.
Just some thoughts to think of friends. Well wishes in your relationships!
Thanks for reading and sharing!
Nicole Cherise❤️

MM: Stand tall when the odds are against you

Hi friends! Happy Monday

My DH sent me a text that included a gif of John Snow from Games of Thrones. *spoiler alert* in the gif he’s alone but standing tall with his sword as hundreds of men are coming full force to attack. 

Isn’t that life? So many times we are up against a wall or sent out in front of our enemies in a position of defeat. I say, life is hard and it isn’t fair but we have to continue. You fall? Ok get yourself up. You lost the fight? Ok the battle continues until your last breath. 

Believe in yourself friends and don’t give up no matter what.

Much love friends

Nicole Cherise ❤️

Who flips the bill? At what cost?

Where is the love Wednesday!Hi friends! 
When going on first time dates, who should flip the bill? I know this question isn’t just cut and paste, many factors are involved to answer. 
In my opinion, I think who ever asked for the date should pay. So, regardless man or woman, if you are pursuing them then flip the bill. I will agree that after the first date, going deutch or the other person could pay. I know some people are adamant about Not paying and that’s their paraogitive but the dating game can be really expensive so don’t be surprised if you don’t get elaborate dates to follow.
That brings up my next question, does a first date have to be expensive? Will you go far to impress the one you are after? and does all the dates need to be top notch for you to go, if asked? Thoughts?
Thanks for reading friends!
Nicole Cherise❤️