Successful Gossip can motivate you

Good morning, happy motivational Monday!

We all know that Gossip isn’t necessary. We have our own lives to live and who has the time to care about other’s drama. What about successful gossip?

We went to school with a range of individuals and after 10+ years we say “where are they now?”. When I hear through the “grapevine“, that one of my former classmates are traveling the world, taking on big business adventures, own beautiful homes, I can’t help but to get excited. I get excited knowing that if they can be blessed with those accomplishments, that my blessings will come as well. 

Friends, there is no need to get jealous or envious when you hear “successful gossip”, let it be your motivation. Be at peace knowing that your time is coming.

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise❤️

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