Month: June 2016

Some setbacks can be apart of the major comeback

Motivate your Monday!
We all at some point have hit a brick wall or at least it feels like we have. A point of confusion or feeling lost. In all areas of life: relationships, personal growth, career, etc. where things take a fall. However, when we fall, we have to get back up. 
When we get up, we should try to have a forward stride in our walk. Rather, it’s our walk of faith, the walk of success or walk of reconciliation. One foot at a time and we Will make it. I, too, have to sharpen my walk. I had a minor setback, but with my faith in God, I know the major comeback is coming and I can’t wait!
Hang in there friends, we will be alright!
Thanks for reading 😊
Nicole Cherise 

We can be our OWN enemy

Hi all!

Today was Women’s Day at church (Union baptist church, Hempstead NY) and we had a phenomenal guest preacher(Rev. Racquel Gill, Brooklyn NY). One of the key points that touched me dearly was “telling lies to yourself about YOURSELF”.

I will be first to admit, there are so many ideas wrapped in my mind that I want to do but I end up making up reasons to why it won’t work. Now, I can be Your biggest cheerleader and be that extra push but when it comes to myself, I can fall short. 

Has this been you? Have you ever been the one to tell yourself that “you aren’t good enough?” Or “you won’t win” ? I stand with you today and I’m letting you know, you are not alone. We can be a success together. Don’t give up on yourself or your hopes and dreams. As long as there is another day given to us, then we have another chance!

Thanks for reading 😁

Nicole Cherise 

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