Life is so delicate


Hi friends! I know I have been MIA for a week and I actually was in MIA over the weekend. During my break from blogging, a lot of things happened. As I am constantly thinking about life, no matter where I am, I continue to learn the delicacy of Life.
My husband gave me the wonderful gift of going to Miami beach (south beach) for my birthday. We traveled with 3 other couples and truly enjoyed ourselves. Even though I was having the time of my life, I was juggling my emotions because this Saturday will be the first birthday without my father. My mind also was on my best friend’s family who were in need of strength because another young soul was battling for her life (she now has passed). Lastly, of course, my husband and I thought about our son the entire time. 
With all the madness in the world, I was truly happy to have landed to and from our destinations safely. When you are young with no responsibilities, you don’t worry about much besides school, friends, sports, shopping, etc. As we get older and start to see the inevitable stage of life that we are all guaranteed to pass, you can’t help yourself to be humbled. Many didn’t make it to our age, many didn’t get to have children, many didn’t get to travel like we have, and many are just existing and not living. 
I’m doing my best to be strong. I’m trying to be strong for my family, my best friend and her family and for Me. For my own sanity. The only way I know how is by reflecting and giving thanks for getting this far in life. 

Thanks for Reading
Nicole Cherise

4 comments on “Life is so delicate”

  1. I hate that you were troubled at all on your trip but I totally understand why. I’m glad that you were able to enjoy the beauty of Miami – I adore South Beach and used to vacation there regularly to escape. Sometimes its just hard to turn our mind off.

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