MTV’s “are you the one?” Show 

Hi all! Happy Wednesday ☺️.

Have you all ever seen or heard of this show? My family put me on to this show and now I’m intrigued. It’s 20 people (10 guys and ladies) who were matched by experts based on their personalities, families and ex partner’s input. At the end of each episode the couples get to pick a person in hopes that they could be a match. After doing so, the host will let them know if there are any matches there. If there are matches they don’t lose any money in their “bank”, if Not, then they begin to lose money. 
What I find interesting is that a lot of the couples were looking at their potential matches at the surface only. Usually, the experts believe a good match would be someone that brings balance to the other’s life and/or lifestyle. Despite this being a show for monetary gain, many are like the rest of the world, trying to find love. 
Have you ever met people who you were attracted to but once you two started to date, you had absolutely nothing in common? Or if you met someone, but they weren’t your “type” but had great qualities that you want in a mate? Isn’t this always the struggles when it comes to dating? When we are young, looks seems to be the biggest asset that we may want in a mate, however, as time goes on, we all need someone who is more than just a beautiful face to look at. 
What truly defines your perfect match? The appearance or the substance?
Thanks for reading! 
Nicole Cherise ❤️

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