Why compete? When you can show love?

Hi all! Happy Wednesday to you.
I’m the type of person who gives love to others when great things are happening in their lives. In my opinion, I have no time to be jealous because I know my blessings and time will come. However, many of us have this need of competing with the next person or being a “one up”.

What is the “one up” person? It’s a person who no matter what’s going on in your life they always find a way to prove that they have accomplished the same plus more. For example, if someone purchased their first car and its Honda Civic; the “one up” could say, “I purchased my first car too and it’s a Mercedes Benz”. Yes, now that is good news, but it also comes off as competing. 
Why is it so hard to just be happy for others or for them to have their time to shine? The world is big enough that we can all be successful in some way or another. Has this happened to you? Can you admit that deep down you have been that “one up” person or jealous person? Hang in there and trust that your day will come. You get what you put out in the universe, so try to project love and wellness. 
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise ❤️

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