Be Kind

I’m a world with so much turmoil, it’s free to have more people with gentle hearts to speak kinder words.  I know everyone isn’t happy all day long, however there is something we can be happy about. The hardships will be there, but the energy we place into the universe is what matters most.

Nicole Cherise ❤️

You + Me

Living in the Moment

Soaking in all the joys that the heart can imagine. Not worrying about a thing. All that matters is Us. What we made, what we are building and leaning on… Our roots, our foundation. You + Me is where it will always be. 

Nicole Cherise❤️

Be selective 

For some, having the last word is important and for others, having the last laugh is the best. 

Like most things in life, it’s important to choose your battles to fight. Just because some may not be agreeable to you doesn’t mean you have to open your mouth. I also believe that having peace in your life is good for your well being. 

Hang in there friends. Stay strong. Relief is on the way. 

Nicole Cherise ❤️

Express your self

You have to speak up for what you need. Rather, it’s big or small, a need for us is very vital. We’ve heard the expression “closed mouths don’t get fed” therefore, speak what you need into the universe. 

This may be a need for spiritual guidance, physical wellness, financial stability, emotional and mental clarity, or anything else, just say it. I believe when we speak things into existence, we will do the work to achieve it. 
I hope this can help someone today.
Thanks for reading friends 
Nicole Cherise❤️

The meaning of a wedding band besides marriage

Hi friends! Happy hump day Wednesday!

We all know that usually when we see a ring on the left ring finger of a person they are considered married or seriously committed to someone. For some, once they got married it seems like others give them extra winks or attention. I guess it’s the attitude of wanting what you can’t have. But what about when it comes to jobs?
I’ve had a conversation with an older coworker before and I thought the theory was interesting. For women, if she’s married, some employers would assume that she may have to take time off due to getting pregnant. However, with men, him being married means his dependable because he has a family. 
Do I agree with these theories? Nope. If I owned a business, I believe that a person’s work should speak for itself. Anyone who has a family, should take employment seriously, regardless of their sex. 
What do you all think? Have you heard of this?
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise 

The legacy of my Daddy will be my motivation

Hi friends. Happy Monday!

Today is extremely difficult for me because it marks a year since my father’s sudden death. As a believer, I know to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Yes, as a human, I weep almost everyday for my father because simply there is No one else on earth quite like him. However, I also think of the goodness of him, the practice of doing good work is what he instilled in my brother and me, and that’s a part of the legacy of him. 
I believe that a legacy last long and through generations. Yes, we can create side hustles and do all sorts of things for easy cash. The lessons I’ve learned from my father may not necessarily be about money and business, but it’s humanity. He treated others with respect, he was dedicated to his family, church, community and workplace. He worked hard and did so all the way until the day he passed away, I don’t know about you but I feel that’s the ultimate dedication. I’ve learned patience from him as well. Since having my son, I’ve learned that there is a certain type of patience you must have with children and he definitely had that. He didn’t like to call children bad even if they were lol. He just felt that needed better direction and attention. He loved my son so much that he called him “his son”. As Stephen Jr., grows up I will continue to tell him about how important he was to his grandpa. 
Loyalty, respect, remaining humble are lessons you taught me and I will continue to pass that on to my children. I love and miss you Daddy forever and always!
Nicole Cherise ❤️