just a piece of paper

A subject that I posted in my “wives union” on fb is: people that say “marriage is only a piece of paper”.

Many couples choose to live together, and share bank accounts etc.. however what about legal matters? What about when we experience the death of our loved one? By law, a Surviving Spouse can make all final decisions. If not, then a parent or child is able to regardless if you were by their side through thick and thin. 

Another reason why it’s not just a piece of paper is because marriage is sacred and gives responsibility. I understand many may be nervous and scared of marriage but anything worth having, doesn’t come easy. Please don’t settle. 

What are your thoughts? Do you also believe it’s only paper?

Nicole Cherise❤️

I apologize

When I saw this post, I felt like it was an eye opener for me. Things have been hectic for me but I’m here. I miss my readers and supporters! I do realize that if I want to make something of myself through my blog, I HAVE to be consistent. I apologize for my my roller coaster of emotions. I’m human and will try harder. Thank you friends!!!!

Nicole Cherise❤️

Our Differences

Our differences make us Unique, but our love for the uniqueness is, Beautiful. 

Be the change you want to see. Be free. Spread Love not hate. 

No we don’t have to be best friends. Respect does go a long way and will always be cherished. 

Nicole Cherise❤️

Dump the waste!

We can claim back control over our lives friends. If it’s person, job, item that is not giving you positive energy, let it go. I know it’s easier said than done, but you will get to a point where enough is enough. Write it down, record it, do whatever it takes. 

Talkers and Walkers

Hi friends! I’m a big advocate on support systems. One thing I realize from personal experience is that when you are at your lowest and darkest moments in life, very few are around. People who promise to be there till the end, suddenly are “ghost”. It’s all good though, just weed out the unnecessary people in your life or you can keep them at a distance. Cherish the loved ones who are loyal. 

Nicole Cherise❤️

No excuses

I really wish people would stop saying this. It’s 2016, you can’t keep giving the excuse that all the crazy men or women are a magnet to you. The only one someone stands a chance with you is by allowing them to do so. 

If you are an attractive person, you can attract stable, humbled and selfless individuals. For some, the people are “boring” therefore, they live for the thrill, but at the same time, hate the baggage that comes along. 
The next time that you start to see “red flags” with someone you are getting to know, cut them off. You do not owe them anything and no love is truly lost. Do better for yourself!
Thanks for reading! 
Nicole Cherise❤️

Daydreaming about Heaven

Slowly but Surely…

The rough days will come and they will hurt your soul. There is no denying that. There are times when I sit back and ponder “what’s the meaning of it all?” Do I stay or do I go? To a place so far deep into inner peace. A place where it’s no rain, no hate, no suffering… Just sunshine, love, and healing. 

Yes, I’m daydreaming… I know this place isn’t here on Earth. I pray to get there. I pray He lets me in.. So I can eternally Smile Again. 

Nicole Cherise❤️