I apologize


When I saw this post, I felt like it was an eye opener for me. Things have been hectic for me but I’m here. I miss my readers and supporters! I do realize that if I want to make something of myself through my blog, I HAVE to be consistent. I apologize for my my roller coaster of emotions. I’m human and will try harder. Thank you friends!!!!

Nicole Cherise❤️

8 comments on “I apologize”

  1. Man, I’m the same way right now so don’t feel bad. We have to be more consistent – that’s for sure. Maybe we can start doing more scheduled posts so that we won’t have to always wait until the last minute? I do that with my Melanin Mondays and that works pretty well. I’m trying to do more themes and series soon so I’m going to give it a go.

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    1. Yes. That’s why I had motivational Mondays; where is the love Wednesdays and feel Good Friday’s. But lately, I just haven’t been wanting to. I feel I’ve been grieving and more busy at home these days. Things will get better we will be ok love!

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      1. Writing is definitely the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling down. Whats wrong? Its been a couple of days since you’ve written this though, so I hope things are better.


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