They should encourage a better you

So, you are in a relationship and everything was going great until they try to Change you. In relationships we can get “comfortable” in our appearance or fall short of doing the things we did to win our mate. 

Our significant other may encourage us to do better and be better, but if he or she is saying that You aren’t good enough, that’s a harsh reality. When someone we love and care about tell us that we need to redo things and change up our style, it’s ultimately telling us that we need to change who we are to become their “ideal” or “perfect mate”. 
So what do you do in that situation?

You can express your feelings in hopes that your SO will calm down with the put downs or you may have to accept that it’s not a good fit. Either way, staying true to self is key. 
You have to love yourself as yourself because becoming someone else could bring you to a dark and depressive state. Remember, there is someone out there who will love and accept you as you are.
Thanks for reading,
Nicole Cherise ❤

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