It’s a gift…

Hi friends, 

I hope all are enjoying the holiday festivities. I was catching up on some episodes of “this is us” and one scene inspired this post. 
It was the scene of Randall of a boy and purposely not getting straight A’s in Math because he didn’t want to be smart compared to his friends. He felt bad getting high grades when his friends didn’t. It made me think back to high school. 
I knew girls and guys who were bright their entire lives, but felt it wasn’t cool to be smart anymore. All schools have cliques and sometimes good grades didn’t always align well with the “cool kids”. That doesn’t mean that “cool kids” are intelligent, but for some “passing” was good enough. 
I saw this happen as a child and I see it even more as an adult. People love to fit into these society groups, instead of being themselves. If you are a straight A student then be just that. If you are gifted with athletic abilities that’s fine, do not perform less because your friends weren’t picked for the team. 
We are all gifted and shouldn’t be ashamed of it. You continue to be you. If your friends or family can’t understand that then that is their problem, not yours. Let your light shine through friends. 

Nicole Cherise ❤

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