Get to the Core

I believe this is the reason why we allow the same thing to repeatedly happen to us. If we don’t search deep into our inner selves we will not learn what is truly hindering us. We need love ourselves enough to take the time, to solve these issues. It can take weeks, months or years but taking the first step is key. 

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Nicole Cherise ❤

Food for thought

No matter what it is. Faith practice, romantic relationships, friendships, or jobs etc. When it comes down to it, it’s only a title and titles can change. However, a relationship can develop and grow over time. Think about it. Have a blessed one friends

Nicole Cherise ❤

Ain’t I enough?

I’m a proud black woman. I respect my roots. I appreciate the hard work of my ancestors and all who died in sacrifice so that I can have a chance.

When I decided to “find” myself, it was college. To this day, I’m still growing and creating myself. Everyday I look in the mirror, I see cocoa skin, a broad nose, full lips, dark eyes, kinky hair, curves and scars from the birth of my son. Some days I feel high in my element, but other days not so much. 

The battle of acceptance battles with American beauty and Black beauty. I need to conform. I need wear straight hair via relaxer or weave. My kinky roots are considered nappy by blacks and not “professional” by others but how? This is the strands as they grow from my head just like any other woman that has natural straight or wavy hair. So, I only look my BEST when it’s pressed or long down my back?
Now, I can care less about what techniques other black women do to maintenance their hair. I encourage healthy routes regardless of the choice. Even women, play on each other when it comes to beauty. Team this, team that, but getting played by the same system and men. 
What you Don’t see when you look at me: A woman of Faith, a Wife, a Mother, a sister, a friend, a Scholar, a woman who battles Multiple Sclerosis and works hard everyday. I also respect and encourage others to do better and find better in themselves. 
So I ask you, Ain’t I enough? 


I always like the idea of being selfless in a relationship. Earning your loved one’s trust and showing them love, can bring much joy to the soul. However, it’s always good to know that you are appreciated.

So I asked the question above. I hope for many it’s all the time or at least most of the time. You can get resentment if you are the only one making sacrifices and hard efforts. Think about it. Don’t you want to feel “different”? Your significant other is “different” in your eyes, which is why you make them feel special. It’s ok to want the same back. 

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Nicole Cherise ❤

Giving up is too easy

It’s not easy to give trust but when it comes to the Lord, I have to! God is a healer and I have faith that I will be healed. 

I hope you warriors and caregivers remember that. You are bigger and stronger. I’m here friends.

Nicole Cherise ❤