Maybe you should try different

If you want a different outcome, you have to choose differently in a mate or fix the way you are in relationships. Time and time, I’ve had conversations with people and they’re confused about why their relationships end the same way or there is no commitment. 

This is when standards come into play. If you don’t have standards or any sort of self control rules, the same mistakes will occur. 
If you want to follow the principles of your religion, do it. If someone isn’t respectful of your values of waiting for marriage to have sex then leave. You do not need to jeopardize your faith for anyone.
If you don’t want to be physical, but choose to because that’s all you know, please don’t be disappointed when he/she disappears or doesn’t want a relationship. Courtship is real and does exist. 
If after having standards, self control and things are still going wrong, possibly it can be a pattern of people you are choosing. Step out of the box. Maybe dating a man/woman that you normally wouldn’t go for, could be the piece to the mysterious puzzle. 
You can have happiness and you will. It begins with you. 
Nicole Cherise ❤

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