You shouldn’t hide love


If there is one thing that aggravates me is when people lie to their significant other about being private to the world about their relationship. Is there anything wrong with being a private person and not sharing everything with the cyber world? No, not at all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your intimate aspects of life low key. However, if you are showing off bank statements, your half naked body, Dinner plates, new shoes, most of your daily moves, why can’t you show your significant other? Are you ashamed of them? Or are you still trying to play the field?

I know many couples who have struggled with this issue. How can this be resolved? I’m not sure it truly can be, but communication plays a big part. Does your presence need to be known on social media if you are married or dating? Are you even friends with your partner online for these reasons? Or do you feel for your relationship to work, the less shown, the better? Let me know!

Nicole Cherise ❤

16 comments on “You shouldn’t hide love”

      1. Yea.. that’s odd and confusing- sharing eeeeeeverything EXCEPT your relationship. I remember when I had FaceBook and this guy I’d met at a club and I went back and forth [via messages/msgr] for MONTHS, and then he posts a photo of him + his girlfriend! What?! People often feel they have something to hide or something to prove.

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      2. o0o messy man! I feel like I’ve noticed this a lot through social media since Facebook/IG took off. It makes me wonder if behaviors like these were always a “thing” in which social media just made it more apparent. OR if social media became a sort of catalyst for it. What do you think?

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