Marriage vs Baby


Hi friends!

What scares you the most Getting married or having a child?

I’ve heard many people say they are scared to get married yet are fine with having a child. 

Personally, becoming a parent has been the scariest task ever. From pregnancy, birth and raising another human who NEEDS you 24/7 365/366 is the most important job to have. Therefore, I’m constantly worried and at times can be overwhelmed but in a good way 😊.

What are your thoughts?

Nicole Cherise ❤

15 comments on “Marriage vs Baby”

      1. Everyone wants to be a good parent.(for some) your hard effort and skills from your parents helps with that. Your dealing with a child who is learning from you. If people are afraid of being a parent then don’t be. Everyone must take a leap of faith. And honestly with “christians” faith is all you need right!

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