Why explaining yourself is a waste of time

Hi, great people!
You ever found yourself in situations where you made a decision and you get questioned about it? Now, for those who are in your immediate circle, can sometimes get a pass but not always. We are adults and when making a decision, it should be just that.

 We shouldn’t have to give a drawn out explanation about anything. If the answer is no, there is no point to explain why the answer is No because it doesn’t change the outcome. I feel there are a few reasons why people require an explanation of your decisions: 

1)Their feeling of entitlement. Many narcissistic and egotistic people will feel appalled that you disagreed or isn’t following their lead. Yes, they are beyond selfish and truly care less about your well-being. It’s more about how your choice affects them only. 

2)Some are just plain nosey or fishing for information. Now if it’s your inner circle, try not to be too annoyed, but like I said earlier, there are limits with that as well. 

3)Many also just believe you should always continue to say yes and can’t handle when you say No. 

Does this happen to you often? You don’t owe explanations for your decisions. You also shouldn’t feel bad or guilty for them either, especially if it’s not morals at stake.

Just a few reminders friends!
Thanks for reading!
Nicole Cherise ❤

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