Is the glass…..?

Half full or Half Empty?

Isn’t that always the question? Is there truly a right or wrong answer? I believe this is answered based on your attitude and how you come to your conclusions about life. 

Personally, I see it half full. I feel that it would be Enough to hold me over until the next time I can get something to drink. I won’t dehydrate or die of thirst. I know others don’t see it that way and that’s ok. I’m in no place to tell anyone how to think. 

However, I do challenge those who often have a pessimist approach to see if they could do one thing with an optimistic attitude.  Try to see the good about a person or situation. 

Let me know how it works!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

4 thoughts on “Is the glass…..?

  1. I’m an optimist! So half full over here. Great post! I believe we all have some traits of each but one certainly out-weighs the other.


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