Month: April 2017

Is the glass…..?

Half full or Half Empty?

Isn’t that always the question? Is there truly a right or wrong answer? I believe this is answered based on your attitude and how you come to your conclusions about life. 

Personally, I see it half full. I feel that it would be Enough to hold me over until the next time I can get something to drink. I won’t dehydrate or die of thirst. I know others don’t see it that way and that’s ok. I’m in no place to tell anyone how to think. 

However, I do challenge those who often have a pessimist approach to see if they could do one thing with an optimistic attitude.  Try to see the good about a person or situation. 

Let me know how it works!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

The triangle 

Hey great people!

I believe there is a triangle that holds us together. Our minds, bodies and soul in my opinion is the same as our mental, physical and spiritual state of being. I believe, all Three are set to balance us. Therefore, if one of these aspects are not present, we essentially can be thrown off. I understand, many could disagree with me and that’s ok. I just know with personal experiences, I feel my best when all three are on pace, working well together. 

We need our minds to stay focused. We need to be physically fit for strength. We need spirituality for peace. How do you feel? Do you think these three aspects, should be aligned? 

Thanks great people for your continued support.

Nicole Cherise ❤️

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Age is a state of mind baby

Hey great people,

Happy Monday to you! After having a conversation with the hubby, I’ve been really considering my position in life currently. Like you, I too, have many hopes and ambition. I catch myself saying “32 is around the corner”, constantly.  I’m also thinking, “age is a number” the value of knowledge to gain is more important. 

So, “age is a state of mind baby” will be my go to Motto. Lol. As long as we are given another chance at life, we have time to grow and improve. 

Take care peeps! Thanks for reading 

Nicole Cherise ❤️


If it’s worth it…

Hey Great people!

This means a lot  to me because if there is anything we want in life, we truly have to work hard for it. With that being said, if there is anything worth having, we have to fight for it. This can be your friendship, relationship, career, etc. I’m realizing the older that I get, everything requires hard work. If things were meant to be easy, then everyone would accomplish what you’ve done or what you are currently achieving. Keep that in mind the next time that you want to give up. You got this! I have faith and I believe in you!

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

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Gloomy days

Hey great people! Happy Thursday to you!

Here in NY it is rainy and gloomy. I don’t know about you but when the weather is like this, I just want to cuddle in a blanket. I also notice that it can affect my mood too. I gain my energy from the sun and it makes me feel good. 

Isn’t that how life can be? We have those grey skies and it seems like nothing can go right. However, just when we thought we would be doomed, the sun comes out. 

Peace, overcomes us. We begin to feel a sense of comfort. I know the time frame between the gloomy days and sunny ones aren’t easy but the results are  worth it. Please hang in there friends. It will get better, don’t give up!

Thanks for reading,

Nicole Cherise ❤

You can’t learn when you are talking 

Hi great people!

I’m a person who loves to talk! Ask anyone who knows me, they will admit to saying, “oh Nik, I only have 5 minutes to chat” and I always promise “ok, I won’t keep you long”. That’s never the case. LOL! However, just as I’m able to talk, I listen as well.

While watching the movie “Creed”, I quoted Sylvester Stallone with this post’s title. He dropped a lot of gems in the movie that we can live by, and this quote was one of my favorites. 

I find listening to be an issue in many relationships. Yes, we all hear what another person is saying but are we truly listening to them? Are we comprehending their words and emotions? If we can do that, we possibly could learn something deeper about our loved ones and friends that we never knew before. 
Do you know how to truly listen? Let me know below in the comments!

Thank you for reading friends!

Nicole Cherise ❤