They’re cool to turn up with but can they stimulate your mind?


Hi great people!
A lot of people use the term “friend” too loosely these days. We yearn to find people that we can have a good time with and equally share a “not a care in the world” attitude. However, what about associating with people who can mentally have an affect on you?

Motivate my mind.. Please!
Can you relate? Are the people that you spend time with yearning for knowledge and finding truth? Or at least encouraging you to do more? 
Let me know your thoughts below 😊
Nicole Cherise 

2 comments on “They’re cool to turn up with but can they stimulate your mind?”

  1. Yes! Great point. I have a “friend” I’ve known since college that has always been a good time, but I can’t count on her. Nowadays, honesty, dependableness and accountability are just the minimum to consider someone a friend.

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