Hi friends!

I know I’ve been away but I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend! Mine was good but ended with me getting a head cold😷😤. 

During the time away from life blogging, I was thinking of the term “Normal“. We use the word normal so freely and usually describing someone that’s Not “Normal”.  Sometimes, I sit and think, “who do we think we are?” 

Seriously, who am I to tell the next person that they perform normally or not? I’m not God or a higher being that has the master plan. Also, No one should make you feel like you’re inadequate or not “up to speed“. 

We all have strengths and we differ differently from one another.Remember,  That’s not a bad thing. 

Do you fall into the “normal” standards or do you say forget about society’s limits? 

Thanks for reading friends!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

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