Slow like the turtle

Sometimes we have our heart set on Tasks that we want to happen quickly… so what usually is the end result? Disappointment, Frustration, and Doubt just to name a few.

The saying also goes: “anything worth having is worth fighting for”. Friends we have to continue to fight. No giving up, no giving in! Stay on track, you will cross that finish line! Have Faith, you can do it!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

Motivation can come when you least expect it

Happy Sunday Friends!

As a Millennial, we are constantly in search of instant gratification. We want to do More in the world, but we are also very impatient. As the saying goes “Patience is a virtue”, we hear it go in one ear and out the other.

What I do find is that motivation can happen when you are Not looking for it. It can be from hearing a sermon from church, reading an article from your favorite blogger/writer, watching a movie or even hearing someone’s personal story. Even a conversation with a best friend may leave you inspired and he/she may never know it.

Opportunities may present themselves and sometimes we can’t see it as a passion. Truth is, there is always a lesson to learn and room for growth. Try to keep your eyes open but also your heart as well. You never know how new choices can produce wonderful benefits in your life!

Have a great, blessed day Friends!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you!

Nicole Cherise ❤️<<<<<<

Feel Good Friday: Seek comfort in your S.O. but don’t get too Comfortable. 

Hi friends! Happy Friday to all! 
Isn’t this always the topic of discussion amongst friends? You are deeply in love with your partner. You reached a place in the relationship where you are happy, trusting and loyal to one another. However, some how, you both get too “comfortable”. 
What could too comfortable mean? It differs from one relationship to the other, but a few examples could be:

  1. Less quality time
  2. Less compliments or cute gestures
  3. Less communication
  4. Less saying “I love you”
  5. Appearance
  6. Intimacy
  7. Less hard work to make the relationship work
  8. Lacking responsibilities one once had.

That’s just a few, if you can think of more, please drop it in the comments section. 

Even though those things may seem like minor issues that couples endure, they can become bigger problems down the road. When people ask me for advice in this matter, I’ll tell them to C̶O̶M̶M̶U̶N̶I̶C̶A̶T̶E̶ Effectively Communicate with their significant other. Go into the conversation with an open mind, speak calmly, and be respectful. Also, we have to remember that nothing changes overnight. It takes time, patience and leading by example. 
Has this been anyone else? Can you admit that you’ve gotten too comfortable in your relationship before? Let’s discuss below. 

Thanks for reading!!!
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Don’t feel bad for your Triumphs

Hi friends!
It’s always amusing to me when I’m told how good I have it. Even though I may be an open book, no one knows all of my worries and fears except for God, the Most High. What’s even more amusing is where people will try to make you feel bad for the blessings you have. 
Everything that I have, God receives the glory. God has blessed me with a wonderful support system. They help me more than they will ever know. So, because of this, I refused to get down in the dumps. There is much more work to do and I’m looking forward to that. 
What about you all? Have you noticed some people will try to rain on your parade or make you feel bad for the good that is happening for you? Please continue to work and live Your life! You got this!
Thanks for reading 
Nicole Cherise ❤️

2 years Princess

Yesterday, marked 2 years since our beloved Amiyah Kayla Dunston passed away from injuries of a pit bull attack. Even though it’s been 2 years ago, the day plays vividly in my mind. The thoughts of “not again, God”, because my father passed 3 months unexpectedly prior. 

Amiyah was a great daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, friend, student, of course Goddaughter (to me and my husband) and more. Her spirit of KINDNESS filled the room wherever she went. She touched the lives of all who knew her. 

We will never know WHY it had to be her, but I’m blessed to have had such a beautiful person in my life. She was definitely smart beyond her years and I’ve learned a lot from her. In 9 years, I’ve learned patience, acts of Kindness, loving unconditionally, regardless of circumstance, to have positive vibes only, to smile and her main motto: “Be You”. We all could take a page from Amiyah’s life and apply it to our own. 
So, yes, we continue to mourn, but we also celebrate Life because that’s what she would have wanted. Thank you Amiyah, for bringing out the best in all of us. 
To my readers, please continue to pray for her entire family and friends. Pray for our children and cherish them. Thank you!
Nicole Cherise ❤️

It feels like Jell-o… MS Symptoms 101

Today started as a typical Monday. The weather in LI is light rain and windy. I was in a good mood and work was going ok. After 2 pm, that changed! 
I started to feel dizzy and my legs began to feel wobbly. The feeling of Jell-O came over me and tried my best to hold it together. It wasn’t until I got home, where I broke down and later fell. 

You know what’s so interesting about being diagnosed with MS? Its regardless of how long I have been battling this debilitating disease, the same “original” 101 symptoms still occur. A year prior to diagnosis, my legs felt like jello all the time. It felt like gravity was pulling me down but yet I “looked” ok. 
Currently, I plan to diffuse some essential oils and apply some topically to my legs. I use doTerra DDR Prime and Francencinse for my legs; and peppermint oil for my headaches. Take deep breaths and relax. Snuggles from the hubby and son helps too 😉❤️. 
Thanks for reading friends
Nicole Cherise ❤️

Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes, the tears overflow from being overwhelmed with pain and numbness caused by MS. Feeling of dizziness, dragging my left leg around, has become the new “norm”. 

No matter how much I cry, I have to keep moving. Just like in the movie, “Finding Dory” we have to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. 

We are strong friends. We will claim victory. We don’t have to give up or give in. We got this!! Keep Going!

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise 

Tell them you love them while you can

Hi friends!I hope all is well. It’s the fall season, which means more family holidays are nearby and we are getting closer to the end of the year. 

This time of the year can be hard on many whom have lost loved ones. I know because this is me as well. If there is anything I’ve learned, it is to let your loved ones Know that you love them NOW while they can hear it. Try not to put that off. Say “I love you” when departing from each other or even while exiting off a phone call. As we know the journey of life can be unexpected, so enjoy one another and make better memories.
Until next time,
Thanks for reading friends!
Nicole Cherise ❤️