Your word is your Bond

If it’s one thing that irks me, it’s someone that doesn’t live up to their word. People say things in the heat of the moment, make promises that they know they will not keep, and just talk to talk. So, how do we handle this?

First off, we have to lead by example. You can’t complain about others if you don’t apply the same principles. Many people want so much but don’t put in half of the work. If you know you can’t do something, do not commit to it. Be honest within yourself and to others.

Second, try not to have high expectations, but remain hopeful. I realized that the more expectations that I have with someone, sometimes, I was highly disappointed. I believed every word and promise. I guess it was naive of me to do that because I know that no one is perfect. I always kept that sense of hope that if I did my best to uphold my word that others would do the same for me. Selected individuals DID indeed live up to their word which in return forced me to do better also.

Friends, do you experience this also? Have expectations of others and get let down? Or have you made broken promises? If so, what did you do to handle it better? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading!

Nicole Cherise ❤️

5 thoughts on “Your word is your Bond

  1. Many times instead of talking to someone about how they didn’t live up to their word or promise, I shut them out. That person hurt my feelings & many times it’s best to get my emotions in control so I don’t say something that will hurt them. It is also an eye opener that some people do just say things just to say it. While it means everything to me, it may not mean much to them. The relationship, whether a friend, co-worker or partner, crumbles.

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    • Thank you for your response. I do understand what you mean. I do keep in mind that no one is perfect but that’s when the “expectations” come into play. So, I’m trying think a little differently. Accept people for who they are and live accordingly.


  2. I’m in the boat with Mayra. I’m too old to figure out why people lie, especially when there is no obvious reason to. So I spare my own feelings and keep my distance. Expecting people to consistently do right and be truthful is setting myself up for disappointment.

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